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Fleet card fraud has become a huge issue in the transportation industry and fleet cards are now more vulnerable than they have ever been in our industry’s history. In order to protect every fleet card transaction for our entire customer base, Compass Payment Services has developed and introduced CPS Virtual PINs. CPS Virtual PINs is the latest innovation from Compass Payment Services that protects our cards from fraudsters and skimmers.

The process is complex, yet simple. When you assign a card to a driver, the driver will receive a login for the CPS Pay app that is linked to that specific CPS card number. When the driver goes to purchase fuel, they will open their CPS Pay app (available on ios and Andriod), swipe their CPS fleet card, and the one-time use, CPS Virtual PIN is generated and appears on the CPS Pay app screen. Once that CPS Virtual PIN is issued, it will not be issued ever again. Therefore, even if fraudsters somehow get CPS card numbers through skimmers or various other methods, those card numbers are useless without the accompanying CPS Pay app login that is associated with that CPS card. Every card swipe instantly generates a new CPS Virtual PIN. Just. like. that. Compass Payment Services continues to provide innovative technology focused around saving your company time and money. As the most innovative and technology-centered fleet card provider, we offer one of the most extensive packages of payment solutions on the market.

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