Portable Fuel Stations

Compass understands the time and difficulties spent fueling your truck or fleet.

The PFS saves you time and fuel costs which leaves you with less stress and more money.

The Portable Fuel Stations can be delivered nationwide, allowing you to be in complete control of your fuel!

With the PFS, the driver can pay using the CPS fuel card or any major credit card



The Portable Fuel Station allows for your employees to fill their vehicles up on-site. Each employee will be given a key fob which allows them to access the PFS during working hours. The PFS will automatically record which type of fuel and quantity, along with the date and time, driver ID, and vehicle ID. The PFS will also prevent users using the wrong fuel type for their tank, which helps prevent waste.


The PFS will detect fuel levels along with temperatures inside each fuel tank. From there it will transmit real time information to the control panel. Our web-based satellite monitors allow the information to be accessible from anywhere. Another PFS feature is that once the tank hits a certain fuel level, a notification is automatically sent to dispatch. From there we will schedule a fuel delivery to arrive before your fuel tank is depleted. We will supply you with the fuel you need at a competitive cost.


We will send a team of engineers to help you install the Portable Fuel Station (PFS), train employees to use it, as well as show how to pull reports. We will work with the proper associations to coordinate PTMA and certify the fuel tank.


The PFS will detect fuel and temperature levels inside the tank and will then transmit real-time data to the control panel. This information is accessible from anywhere using web-based satellite monitors. Dispatch will be notified every time your PFS is running low on fuel. From there we will schedule a delivery to arrive before your fuel tank is depleted. As an independent fuel supplier, we supply you your fuel at a competitive rate.


  • Improved Safety

    The PFS includes multiple safety features: Auto-shutoff nozzle, overfill prevention valve, safety breakaway couplings, visual & audible capacity alarms. The PFS also runs a self-diagnostic every month, which will then notify you if there's a problem, and a report is automatically filed.

  • Save on Labor Cost

    After just an hour of training, anybody will have the knowledge with the PFS to generate reports and manage monthly expense reports in under 20 minutes. Avoid spending the time and money of hiring an accountant to manage the fuel invoices, tax credits, and reports.

  • Lower Fuel Expenses

    Oil prices are hard to predict as they constantly change. We have an automated system which tracks the change in fuel costs and gathers the best prices from refineries to give you a better price on the market. We provide you with bulk fuel as part of our service agreement, as an independent fuel provider.

  • Compact Size

    The PFS is available in two compact sizes which can be moved by a loader and fit in a single parking space. The smallest size can hold up to 3,380 gallons, while the larger size can hold up to 5,200. Thus, giving you more fuel while taking up less space.

  • Environmental Safety

    A fuel tank leak can contaminate water and cause other problems. The PFS is designed with dual walls and all the latest failsafe technologies to prevent fuel from spilling and harming the local environment and community.

  • Real-Time Reports

    With the PFS each time that fuel is dispensed, you get a report showing: who, when, where, the amount, and type of fuel used. The user reports are accessible via USB or a 3G network at any time, which saves you time on forming and approving reports.

  • Less Fuel Waste

    Mistakes sometimes happen on fuel reports, which then takes extra time to reconcile. The PFS gives you better control over your fuel as it makes it simple to manage the fuel usage by user, vehicle, odometer, fuel volume, as well as filling time.